1) All orders are to be placed via email to threadalpha@gmail.com.  Please do not place orders via comments in our post as they will not be entertained.

2) Once the orders are placed, we will send you an invoice within 48 hours.

3) Please proceed to make payment within 24 hours upon receiving our invoice to the designated bank account in our email. 
If we do not receive payment within 24 hours, your order will be forfeited and will be blacklisted and barred from future transactions.  Please note that we are using a DBS Savings account

**Please check your Junk Mail inbox if you do not receive our invoice within 24 hours of placing an order.  This is to prevent yourself from getting blacklisted.

4) There will be strictly no refunds / exchanges.

5) We do not do meet-ups.  All orders will be sent to you by Singpost. We will mail out the parcels every Thursday and Monday.

6) All the orders are inclusive  of normal postage only.  For registered postage, please add another additional $2.

7) Any enquiries to be directed to threadalpha@gmail.com.